South African Seal Confused That Humans from London Complain About THEIR Commute

News from the Natural World: South African Seal meets human Londoner to compare their respective commutes to work.
News from the Natural World: South African Seal meets Human Londoner to compare their respective commutes to work. So without further ado, Steve the Seal meets Steve the Human; Steve the Seal: So what’s so bad about your commute? Steve the Human: Well it’s a bit cramped, to be honest. Sometimes I have to stand up and there isn’t much room. Steve the Seal: But you’re safe right? Steve the Human: Well, yeah I guess, but sometimes I can’t really read the Metro, like I can read it but I have to fold it up to read it. Other days I can get through a few chapters of my book but it can be a bit cramped. Steve the Seal: Right ok. Readings that thing where you can dive into the stories of another one of your species and feel connected to your society through shared narratives? Steve the Human: Yeah, thats reading. Steve the Seal: Sounds lovely. It sounds really, really lovely.
South African Seal
South African Seal thinks it sounds rather lovely
Steve the Human: Well yeah I guess its ok. Somedays I don’t read I listen to a Podcast. Steve the Seal: Whats a Podcast? Steve the Human: Well, it’s where really interesting or funny humans talk to other interesting and funny humans about topics that you’re interested in. Maybe a hobby or a political subject. Steve the Seal: How many of them are there? Steve the Human: Well there’s millions of the buggers, everyone and their nan are releasing a podcast these days. They’re everywhere. Steve the Seal: That sounds lovely too. I’d listen to a Podcast about different kinds of fish.

South African Seal Compares Commute with Human

Steve the Human: Also, if I feel a bit tired or tipsy and I can’t stomach a Podcast or a Book then I can watch a series on Netflix. Steve the Seal: Ahhhh Netflix, I heard about that from an Octopus who was repeatedly molested by one of your species. Said that because of Netflix he got attacked by a Shark.

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