Diets are the New Religion of the 21st Century Human World

News from the Natural World: Diets are the new religion of the 21st Century Human World.
News from the Natural World: Diets are the new religion of the 21st Century Human World. Long has religion plagued the human world. It has caused countless misery and brought pain to the homo-sapiens. They have gone to war over it, blown each other up, embarked on crusades and persecuted each other. In addition, they burned women on pyres for being witches, they colonized and subjugated other humans too violent conversions and cultural eradication. Furthermore, they even forced children to sit on really uncomfortable wooden benches and sing silly songs with ancient lyrics. It’s quite difficult to dissuade humans of their religious beliefs, but if you just ask a Christian why they don’t believe in Zeus, a Muslim why they don’t believe in Mars and a Jew why they don’t believe in Pangu. They’ll answer the question for you. We animals know that such petty god squabbling is beneath other living beings. We animals know that all living beings are but timeless vessels for atoms passing through the continuous flow of time.
Diets are the New Religion
Diets are the New Religion and the Vegetable God Reigns Supreme

Cult of Veganism Rises

But just as we thought the star of religion was waning in the 21st century a new evil has risen. This new evil shares all the hallmarks of the vilest religions. Yes, it might bring people a sense of community, belonging, structure, and purpose with the hopeful intention of spreading peace, kindness, acceptance, respect, and more.  But there is a far darker side.  This side can bring fear, self-righteous judgement and shaming.  It can create division amongst people and within communities.  It brings people to believe they know and have all the answers.  That their way is the only way and superior to all other ways of life. With the rise of social media and the dawn of swiping narcissists, this evil has ascended. But what is this new evil replacing religion?

Diets are the New Religion

This new evil is Diets. Diets have replaced religion and become a source of great anger and preaching. What was once something personal and practised in your own home has become polemic. Diet was simply something that would offer health, nourishment, vitality, longevity, and all the things we need in order to live life. But this has become warped and people can become dogmatic and turn something meant for health and wellness into fear and darkness. Leftwing Vegans cry to defend free speech whilst also barricading and attacking restaurants that serve meat. Forcing your views on other people much? Fascism much? Diets have become the new cult. We animals have watched this all with derision. We hate each other and gladly eat other animals given the chance. Trust humans to find something to fight over rather than realising the futility of their mammalian lives.

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