Seaspiracy Sequel Finally has a Name = SeaBullshit

News from the Natural World: Seaspiracy sequel finally has a new name.

News from the Natural World: Seaspiracy sequel finally has a new name.

Netflix Documentary Seaspiracy entered the minds of relatively uninformed western consumers like a cult hitting a damaged American teenager with just enough pocket money for a one-way bus fare. Their tiny minds had never looked into marine conservation or human overpopulation and they were ripe for the taking. They could direct all their anger at the existential realisation that their very existence threatened life on earth by blaming other humans diets. They also didn’t have to have an in-depth understanding of the science either. In fact, they didn’t really need to understand anything at all. All they had to do was blame other peoples diets.

Seaspiracy Sequel
Seaspiracy Sequel Announced

In the animal kingdom, we know that blaming other species never really works. Well except for humans. The one animal who deserves it just can’t seem to apply any critical thinking to sources themselves. In truth, western critical thinking has been eroding for some time now. These are the same people who elected Donald Trump as the champion of the blue-collar workers, quite literally the epitome of greed, privilege and power. Not to mention a climate change denier and sexual predator. The people of the UK failed to be able to disseminate credible sources from blatant lies in the Brexit Referendum. Namely the entire global financial community vs Nigel Farage and some Facebook advertising. So we here in the animal kingdom are not that surprised that the younger generations of western humans naively follow trends and jump onto bandwagons quicker than a groupie at a Rolling Stones concert.

Seaspiracy Sequel Finally has a Name

So Seaspiracy offered the next trend to be jumped on. Eating no fish ever again at all, ever ever ever! But as the popularity of Seaspiracy spread the animal kingdom decided to release its very own sequel. The sequel was to be directed by none other than Steven Sealberg. Steven Sealberg decided to call his Seaspiracy sequel – SeaBullshit. In SeaBullshit he will focus on the real problem. It is not that humans are fishing and eating fish, that isn’t the problem. All species of seals eat fish – no problem. Sharks eat fish – no problem. Crocodiles eat fish – no problem. The problem with humans eating fish is that there are too many of the buggers. The problem is the size of the human population. Ok, ok it’s all well and good to come up with problems but what is the solution?

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