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What Happened to the Caspian Tiger? Animal Hall of Shame

Enter the Animal Hall of Shame: What happened to the Caspian Tiger? Enter the Animal Hall of Shame.

Here at the Platypus, we honour the traditions and beliefs of the animal kingdom. Namely that all animal life should be free from the threat of extinction. Extinction is the one, true greatest evil of all. There is no greater evil (except maybe Cats). So here, in the Animal Hall of Shame, we honour those animals whose lives have been snuffed out by the Homo Sh*tpiens.

What was a Caspian Tiger?

The Caspian Tiger was a tiger from a specific population of the Panthera Tigris subspecies that was native to eastern Turkey, northern Iran, Mesopotamia, the Caucasus around the Caspian Sea, Central Asia to northern Afghanistan, and Xinjiang in western China. Humans often forget that species of Tigers roamed all across the Eurasian and Indonesian landmasses.

What Happened to the Caspian Tiger?
What Really Happened to the Caspian Tiger?

What did the Caspian Tiger eat?

Caspian Tigers preyed mainly on wild boar, though they occasionally fed on red deer, roe deer and domestic animals such as dogs and cattle in winter months. If only they had really developed a taste for humans.

What Happened to the Caspian Tiger?

What happened to the Caspian Tiger?

Since the beginning of the 19th century, the Caspian Tiger was continuously losing territory to human beings. Because of this, it was deprived of its habitat and prey. In addition, it soon became a beast in its own territory. Subsequently, conflicts started to arise and humans began to hunt them down as they viewed them as a menace.

Therefore, in the mid-20th century, their population whose genetic roots spanned over a million years started to decline rapidly. It is rumoured that the last Tiger in Tigrovaya Balka was glimpsed in 1958. Although a matter of opinion, the legendary final wild Caspian Tiger is said to have been killed in February 1970, in Hakkari Province, Turkey.

Why did the Caspian Tiger go extinct?

Those bloody Great Apes again. Not only did humans move in and take over the Tiger’s habitat to build farms, they hunted and killed the Caspian tiger in huge numbers.

Did humans kill all the Caspian Tiger?

Humans were ultimately the cause of their downfall and it was a case of too little too late by the time humans became aware of their decline. Humans moved to protect Caspian Tigers in 1957, with heavy fines for shooting, but it was too late for the majestic cat to make a recovery. Excessive hunting, poaching, habitat fragmentation, food shortages, poisoning and trapping wiped out this beautiful species. 

Animal Hall of Shame

What killed the Caspian Tiger?

It seems that dependence on water might have been a crucial factor. The Tiger’s dependence on the water resources and its presence near river basins, lake edges and seashores, where the highest concentration of human population exists, pushed them into conflicts and towards extinction.

The second one is related to their prey. The natural prey they mainly fed on was deer, and they were finally attracted to northern Iran probably because of the good population of red deer and roe deer. However, when the population of deer declined through human hunting, the Tiger was forced to feed on the wild boar, which had severe population fluctuations. Because of human hunting these prey animals were only ever going to be a temporary source of food.

The third item is hunting from humans. Tiger hunting intensified during their final periods living in Iran, due to the reduction of prey and hunting livestock. Tiger cubs were also captured for illegal trade, in addition, land-use changes, superstitions and using their organs in traditional medicine were among the other factors that eradicated the might Caspian Tigers.

Is the Caspian Tiger still alive?

WWF biologists have conducted a feasibility study for Caspian Tiger reintroduction in Central Asia.  The Ili River Delta looks especially promising, says Chestin.  The 894-mile-long Ili runs from northwestern China to southeastern Kazakhstan, finally flowing into Kazakhstan’s Lake Balkhash.  There it forms a large delta with vast tugai wetlands. The big question is really that given that there are even more humans now, do they really want to come back?


What Happened to the Caspian Tiger?
What Happened to the Caspian Tiger?

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