Animals Don’t Care About Your Human Feelings

News from the Natural World: Animals don't care about your human feelings.

News from the Natural World: Animals don’t care about your human feelings.

The animal kingdom has come out and made a unanimous decision. It is not often that the animal kingdom will unite in this way and such unity has only been seen on 3 previous occasions. The first occasion was almost 66 million years ago when all living creatures united at the first annual “We Hate Meteors Conference”. The second occasion was in the year 0 BC when all animals agreed to announce that the star over Bethlehem had not been shining on a human baby called Jesus but rather a camel called Jeff. The third and last time was in 1346 when all the animals decided that Rats should take one for the team and have a pop at reducing the exploding human population. But now the animals have once again risen in unity. But what are they so united about?

Thanks for taking one for the team Rats!

The animals have risen and declared that they are all in agreement about one more thing. They don’t care about your human feelings. For too long have human emotions and feelings plagued the world and run riot. But why do animals hate them so much? Animals hate human feelings because they are completely pointless. It has been proven by the leading scientists of the animal kingdom that human feelings are pointless because they never lead to action. In fact, it’s quite the opposite. Human feelings only lead to apathy, inaction, and destruction for the animal world. But how?

Animals Don’t Care About Your Human Feelings

Take guilt and shame for example. When humans feel guilt and shame about destroying the natural world and obliterating animal biodiversity what do they do? Reduce their population and move away from consumerism? Nope. They continue growing their population to a projected 9 Billion by 2050. When they see an Orangutan behind bars in a Zoo and they feel sad do they go and protest to free them. Nope. They buy an Orangutan toy in the gift shop which only goes towards funding the continued incarceration of this majestic species. Not to mention these are meant to be positive human emotions that might benefit the animal kingdom. Don’t get us started on rage, anger, fear, pride, ego, and insecurity. Seriously, the animals have truly had enough. But the worse part is that humans think we animals care when their feelings are hurt.

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