Seaspiracy Review – 89 Minutes Funnily Not Enough to Solve Complex Oceanic Problems

News from the Natural World: Seaspiracy Review - find out how the animal kingdom felt about the Netflix hit.

News from the Natural World: Seaspiracy Review – find out how the animal kingdom felt about the Netflix hit.

We’ve all seen Netflix hit documentary Seaspiracy right? In it, a relatively delusional human thinks that he is the first person to discover investigative journalism. But he doesn’t stop there, he goes on to believe that he is also the first person to ever think about marine conservation. Not content with that level of ego inflation he goes on to discard scientific fact and offer a simple solution to one of the worlds most complex problems. Director Ali Tabrizi looks at all the intersecting variables across marine conservation, the inherent flaws of capitalism, overfishing, overpopulation and desire for improved living standards. Like some kind of hipster genius, he decides that the simplest solution is the right one. How to save the oceans, stop eating fish completely.

Seaspiracy Review
Seaspiracy Review – Sharks happy that humans were entertained

89 Minutes Funnily Not Enough to Solve Complex Oceanic Problems

With that simple conclusion, the western viewing world went into hyperdrive. They were also immediately declaring to all their friends and family that they had never wanted to eat fish, that eating fish was wrong and how could you ever eat Salmon! In addition, they acted as if they’d never had a fish finger and by god they were self-righteous. There’s nothing more annoying than a western consumer with a new idea that they think is original. Anyway, every naive and annoying person who had seen the documentary went around blarting on that you should never eat fish ever again. But we here in the animal kingdom know a few fundamental facts that Mr Tabrizi overlooked;

  1. Eating fish is completely normal, millions of species eat fish
  2. In fact, even fish eat other fish
  3. Eating fish is central to the development of human brain size
  4. Prey and Predator is a natural dynamic as old as time

Seaspiracy Review

So from an ethical standpoint, Tabrizi is wrong. Eating fish is normal for all animals. The real issue is that eating fish in such huge quantities is the problem. Overfishing is the real evil. But why are fish being eaten in such massive quantities? Because there are so many humans. The problem isn’t eating fish the problem is human overpopulation. Humans evolved for millions of years eating fish and it is central to our development. If there were fewer humans then eating fish wouldn’t be an issue at all. Tabrizi manages to get through the whole documentary without discussing human population size. Convenient isn’t it…

Also, there were a few glaring problems presented by his simple solution to stop eating fish. Excuse me Mr Tabrizi but what are 480 million indigenous humans supposed to eat? How the hell is Bangladesh going to feed itself? In fact, how is the majority of the 3rd world going to eat? Is Tabrizi himself going to travel to the arctic and tell all the Inuit, Nanook and Eskimo’s that their cultures are founded on evil? Once again, a human comes up with far too simple a solution to placate the mindless drones of western cultures.


Seaspiracy Review
Thanks, Humans!

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