Humans Don’t Understand That Animals F*cking Hate Each Other

News from the Natural World: Humans don’t understand that animals f*cking hate each other.
News from the Natural World: Humans don’t understand that animals are really not all that keen on each other. The Animal Kingdom has once more moved forward in unison to challenge the sheer idiocy of humanity. For too long now have they watched on as humans have created totally pointless and naive narratives around animal behaviour. In the human world, they call this childish nonsense anthropomorphism. This is when humans fail to realize that their pithless emotions are a luxury afforded by the fact that they have obliterated the natural world and risen out of the daily horrors of survival. Worrying about whether another species loves you, or whether they’re sad or happy is but a luxury trifle that only humans have time to eat. These pointless human notions have been around for a while but have recently exploded. The evil of social media has caused this spike and sent the animal kingdom into meltdown.
Humans don’t understand that this isn’t normal
Social media and the internet have simultaneously eroded human intelligence whilst also increasing the number of videos of domesticated animals. Subsequently, increased domestication and reduction in wild animals just compounds the problem. All these factors have led to the horrendous outcome that humans now see animals as a mirror of themselves. They project their worries and tribulations onto animals. In addition, they make TV programs that trivialize a Gartner Snakes first moments on earth and equate it to a commute. They wish that all animals could be friends and slavishly drool over videos of Ducks making best friends with Horses and Cows making best friends with Beavers. This is not only really really annoying, but it also has very dangerous ramifications for the future of the natural world.

Humans Don’t Understand That Animals F*cking Hate Each Other

The problem is that it is just not true. Animals do not exist to provide humans with joy. Moreover, they certainly don’t exist in harmony with each other. They don’t even exist in harmony with their own species. Nature is famously tooth and claw. It is infanticide, patricide, and waged with fang and horn. It is survival of the fittest and the Cuckoo. In addition, it is species after species eating each other alive, every second of every day again and again. A constant cycle of grim never-ending survival. The Wildebeast constantly worried about the great green snapping jaws. The Orca pods preying on sharks just to disembowel them and eat their livers. We animals really want to set the record straight with you naive anthropomorphizing humans. Animals do not like each other, they f*cking hate each other!

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