What are Wild Animals? No Animal Remains Untouched by Human Hands

News from the Natural World: What are Wild Animals? We set out to discover if there are any wild animals left.
News from the Natural World: What are Wild Animals? We set out to discover if there are any left. Humans tend to categorise wild animals as those which can be filmed for wildlife documentaries without having a bit of rubbish or building in the background. If you can see a bit of a fence when you’re filming then it definitely isn’t a wild animal. If there is a bit of sweet wrapper in the shot, nope not a wild animal. In addition, they also categorise wild animals as ones they don’t eat or ones they don’t abuse in massive industrial torture farms. If humans are cramming them into tight spaces and inflicting horrific misery on them then you can bet it ain’t a wild animal. But is this classification correct, are these really parameters by which we can measure if an animal is wild?
What are Wild Animals?
What are Wild Animals?

What are Wild Animals?

Unfortunately not, the first one is pointless as human rubbish and materials have reached every single corner of the globe. The highest point, the summit of Mt Everest, is littered with human waste, dead bodies and oxygen tanks. In addition, the lowest point, the bottom of the Marianna Trench, was littered with human rubbish and plastic bottles. Finally, traces of microplastics were found locked inside Antarctic ice. So really, every image you see on a wildlife documentary of a wild animal has some human rubbish in it, not to mention the one holding the camera. Second, humans eat wild animals as well. There is no real delineation between domestic and wild. This is really a first-world luxury. Humans all over the planet are eating these animals every single day. You name a wild animal and chances are a human somewhere on the planet is eating it. In truth, there really aren’t many left at all. We asked every single animal species on the planet if they felt truly wild and what that meant. One thing that they could all agree on was that wild really meant that they were free from human influence. Free from the horror of man, free from pollution, waste and the control and greed of the homo sapien. But seeing as no part of the earth is free from humans we have been forced to conclude that actually there are no wild animals left anywhere.

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