If Humans Aren’t Good at it Then It Doesn’t Count as Intelligence

News from the Natural World: If Humans aren't good at it then they have decided that it doesn't fit into their puny restrictive form of measurement.

News from the Natural World: If Humans aren’t good at it then they have decided that it doesn’t fit into their puny restrictive form of measurement.

The Animal Kingdom has finally realised how humans measure intelligence. For centuries animals have been confused that humans treat them like lesser beings. They domesticate them and strip them of their freedom. In addition, they enslave them and force them to work as beasts of burden. Furthermore, they abuse them and torture them, forcing them into circuses and zoos for entertainment. Finally, they eat them in vast quantities far beyond survival needs. Forcing them into vast industrialised factories of death and pain. The humans justify this on the basis that they are more intelligent than animals and therefore have dominion over them.

If Humans Aren’t Good at it
If Humans Aren’t Good at it The It Don’t Count

But this stance has confused the animals. We know that humans are not more intelligent, it is just a different kind of intelligence. Let’s look at human babies for example. They come out of the womb and are basically a totally useless shitting crying blob for 2 years, they can barely do anything. They cry, moan and it takes them months to crawl let alone walk. Take a baby Wildebeest, once it’s out of the womb it’s taking its first steps and evading Lions! Human babies are some of the worst in the animal kingdom, with no intelligence whatsoever. Animals can do all kinds of things humans can’t. Navigate thousands of miles without assistance? Whales got that covered. Synchronize hundreds of thousands of workers in a single concentrated and unstoppable force. Ants got that covered. Fly from Africa to the UK without looking at a map? Swifts got that covered. Why don’t humans count this as intelligence?

If Humans Aren’t Good at it Then It Doesn’t Count

Humans don’t count these things as intelligence because they aren’t good at it. Humans only count things which they are best at. It all started with tool use, which was the definition of intelligence. But then when humans discovered loads of animals used tools including Chimpanzees, Crows and Dolphins they changed the rules. Humans really don’t like it when they get shown up. Countless animals are far more intelligent at thousands of things. Navigating, hunting, socialising, co-operating, collaborating you name it. But humans discount these and call them instinct. They talk about landing a man on the moon, the channel tunnel and the internet. Well yes but no other animal species has built things that can wipe out their entire species. Is it really that intelligent to build an atomic bomb? Or build a global economy on finite resources that jeopardise all life on earth? Are these really signs of intelligence or do humans just change the definition to suit themselves?

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