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What Happened to the Dodo? Animal Hall of Shame

Enter the Animal Hall of Shame: What happened to the Dodo? Enter the Animal Hall of Shame.
Did humans kill all the Dodo? To some extent, the fate of our friend the Dodo bird is slightly misrepresented by history. It seems “common human knowledge” that all dodos were hunted down by European humans because they were slow and had no innate fear of humans. This is only partially true. It wasn’t the main reason for their extinction. 

Animal Hall of Shame

What killed the Dodo? The last dodo bird was killed in 1681. Whilst humans had hunted a large amount it was invasive animals that the sailors brought with them on their ships; namely, rats, cats and pigs that went feral. There were never any rats on the island until they came with the ships and came ashore. These feral animals ate their way through the nests and knocked the final Dodo domino over. But, who brought those animals to the island? You guessed it… humans. Is the Dodo still alive? We can say for sure that the Dodo evolved at some point in the last 8 million years – simply because it was 8 million years ago that Mauritius, a volcanic island rather like Hawaii, first rose above the waves. It took humans only a handful of years to wipe it out. Could the Dodo remain in some long lost island? Could it be clinging on in some remote dense jungle? I’m sure some hungry humans will find out soon. TAKE ACTION – NOW
What Happened to the Dodo?
What Happened to the Dodo? Humans happened!
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