South America Renamed Soy America as Veganism Sweeps the Planet

News from the Natural World: South America renamed Soy America as Veganism sweeps the planet.

News from the Natural World: South America renamed in controversial new step for the continent.

Once again misguided westerners have a brilliant hegemony to force on the South American continent. First, they forced smallpox, measles and syphilis on them. Second, they followed up with an even greater evil. One that was way worse than smallpox, measles and syphilis combined… Christianity. This viral religion based on shame, sin, sexism, homophobia and child molestation ripped through the continent killings millions. It smashed apart thousands of years of animalism and a close kinship with the natural world. Then replaced that with a petty patriarchal monotheism that placed man as having dominion over animals. Logging has further decimated the continent. On top of that, the human population has exploded and its biodiversity shattered. In addition, the European colonialists had retreated pretending they’d never committed any atrocities. But the western world had one more trick up its sleeve for South America.

South America Renamed
South America Renamed

Veganism Sweeps the Planet

The western world had moved onto a new type of religion. One that was based around food and diets. But it had all the hallmarks of religion. It was very elitist and exclusive. In addition, whilst ultimately misguided it had good intentions. Also, a fear called eco-anxiety drove this. These westerners hearts were somewhat in the right place. But their naive and dogmatic approach was not the right way to solve the problems facing humanity. For you see their solution was too simple. They proposed that humans could no longer eat any animal products and must instead eat a plant-based diet. They called themselves Vegans.

South America Renamed Soy America

But the problem was that western veganism didn’t really purport to solve the problems which it set out to solve. Yes, it reduced direct animal suffering in mass industrial farming but it replaced it with a new evil called monocultures. In order to replace animal products, they had to rely on massive soy plantations. These soy monocultures were devastating for the South American continent. Monoculture is a single crop repeatedly grown on the same land. When one crop is planted repeatedly on the same land, certain nutrients become depleted from the soil. This is due to the crop’s specific nutrient demand. Instead of rotating different crops to naturally restore the nutrients and vitamins that are found in the soil. Monoculture farming causes the same nutrients to diminish from the ground.

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