11th Billion Human Wonders Whether A Few Condoms Would’ve Really Hurt the Catholic Church?

News from the Natural World: 11th billion Human wonders whether a few condoms would've really hurt the Catholic church?

News from the Natural World: 11th billion Human wonders whether a few condoms would’ve really hurt the Catholic church?

In a rather shocking turn of events, a human being from the year 2,100 has teleported back to the present day with a message. This shocking event happened this morning. The human appeared out of nowhere and landed right outside the Vatican. It was as if he had conjured himself out of thin air. Onlookers and tourists were shocked and screamed in fits of surprise. The human stood before them and looked up at the Vatican. Suddenly a huge crowd formed and began taking photos. Who was this human who had appeared out of nowhere? Why had he appeared in front of the Vatican? Was this the third coming of Jesus?

11th Billion Human
11th Billion Human Has Some Ideas for Catholics

The crowd gathered as the human was about to speak;

“Hi everyone, my name is Jeff and I come from the year 2,100. I am the 11th billion human. I have teleported back in time with a message for you all. Your predictions are way off. The human population is going to rise way quicker than you imagine. You think it will be 9 billion by 2050. It will be way quicker than that. The world is ravaged by climate change, the collapse of biodiversity and constant wildfires and droughts. This is as you predict. You will try to change, you will try to move to renewables. In addition, you will try to change your diets, buy less and recycle more. But all this will be in vain for three reasons.”

11th Billion Human Wonders

“Yes Jeff, tell us, what are the three main reasons?”

“The first is that the year on year gains made towards sustainability will be outstripped by the rises in the human population.”

“And the second.”

“As humans all over the world become wealthier they will consume more. The mighty middle class will emerge in almost every populous nation.”

“And the third”

“Well as the situation gets really shitty many people with no hope turn to religion. Specifically Christianity. The problem here is that Christianity only adds to the problem”

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