Animals Not Interested In Who Has the Best God Competition

News from the Natural World: Animals not interested in who has the best God competition.
News from the Natural World: Animals not interested in who has the best God competition. The Animal Kingdom has got a massive announcement for the human world. For centuries a competition has plagued all living creatures on earth. It is a competition that first split the human world in two. They would argue endlessly. In addition, they would then fight, berate and abuse each other. First, they went to war. Second, they tortured and controlled. As the years progressed this competition touched all humans on the planet. It smothered them with smallpox, syphilis, child abuse, homophobia, sexism, war and violence. But it didn’t stop with the human world. This competition spilt into the natural world. Humans claimed dominion over nature, they domesticated beasts to carry their own burdens. They used the competition to justify the destruction of the natural world and biodiversity. But what was this competition that the humans so vehemently fought over?
Animals Not Interested In
Animals Not Interested In Jesus
This competition was known as “Who Has the Best God!” It was mental, they would fight and fight over who had the best God. Who’s was the biggest and most powerful. Or who’s hated gay people the most. Who’s hated women the most. They would go on and on and just start killing each other. From the outside looking in it really just looked like a case of the old red team versus the blue team. An endless cycle of human insecurity manifesting itself as a narcissistic desire to be right.

Animals Not Interested In Who Has the Best God Competition

We animals were always rather surprised by this obvious lunacy. It always seemed a bit convenient that the humans would almost always believe the God of the culture they were born into or their parents believed was the best. Born in Indonesia, most likely believe Allah is the best God. Or perhaps, if one was born in Italy, most likely believe the Christian God was definitely the best. Born in Tel Aviv, most like believe the Judaen God was the best. Bit of a coincidence no? Furthermore, it seemed that time was another factor in the “Who Has the Best God!” competition. It seemed if you were a human born in ancient Greece you would have been all about Zeus. Whilst, if you’d been born in ancient Italy you’d have been well into Mars. Finally, if you’d been born in ancient Norway, Thor and Odin would have been your bag. It seemed that almost all human cultures forgot that time played a huge role and it seemed a bit odd how often their favourite gods kept changing. But the thing that really took the biscuit was that all humans involved in the competition secretly knew the answer to the competition. They knew it was a hoax to hide their fear of death. All animals know that this is what religion really is. At best it is used by humans to hide their fear of death. At worst it is a tool used to release their own insecurities on the world. The reason you know it is a hoax and the way to collapse this competition is to take a religious human and ask the human who is their favourite god, it will go something like this;

Arguing With Religious People

“Hey human, who is the best god?” “There is no best, there is only one, Allah!” “Oh ok, so you believe Allah is the best god!” “Yes!” “Do you believe in Ganesha?” “No, never!”Do you believe in Buddha, Zeus, Thor, Itzamna, Pangu or Tlaloc?”

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