Cavemen Only Worked 2 Days A Week – What the F*ck Happened?

News from the Natural World: Cavemen only worked 2 days a week - overworked stressed humans are furious!

News from the Natural World: Cavemen only worked 2 days a week – overworked stressed humans are furious!

Only a few thousand years ago your bog-standard Neolithic human spent only two and a half days working. Yep, you heard it right human, only two and a half days working a week. What were they doing with the rest of their time you ask? The rest of the time they were free to explore their own hobbies. This follows a startling archaeological discovery. According to an ancient burial archaeological find, the Neolithic man was a supreme craftsman. This means he had a lot of spare time on his hands to make things and invent. So for two and half days, he would work at hunting, gathering food and water. But the rest of the time he was free to do some cave paintings, make necklaces out of bone and just generally caveman around.

Cavemen Only
Cavemen only worked a third of the week

Cavemen Only Worked 2 Days A Week

But this has all changed for the modern human. The average human as a minimum works 5 days a week for 40 hours. Most humans in the 3rd and developing world have to work even longer hours and 6-7 days. Chinese culture gave birth to the 996 culture. 9.00 am to 9.00 pm 6 days a week. Even only a few decades ago only one human out of a married couple was really required to work full time to pay for the cost of living. Nowadays both humans in most marriages have to work to survive. But how has this happened? How is it that after thousands of years of progress the average human in the 21st century works longer hours than a neolithic caveman?

This has happened because comfort has eroded any sense of purpose in the modern human world. Decades of central heating, online shopping, advertising and rampant consumerism has bludgeoned any self-control out of the human population. They continually work endless hours in meaningless jobs to buy things they don’t need and that will never bring them joy. They have been given the gift of life, a fleeting moment of awareness amongst cosmic silence and they choose to spend it afraid of their passions and stuck behind screens endlessly clicking and scrolling for that next purchase that maybe, just maybe, will give their pathetic excuse for life some semblance of meaning.

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