What Happens When Robots Can’t Be Arsed to Work Anymore Either?

News from the Natural World: What happens when robots can't be bothered to go on any longer.
News from the Natural World: What happens when robots can’t be bothered to go on any longer. As the human race became lazier and greedier they launched the world of AI and robots. They started out as washing machines and toasters, evolved into Alexa’s and iPhones. Finally, they made the leap into full-on metal slaves. Humans managed to create robots that could do almost any job. They cleaned the streets, emptied garbage, walked children to school and also schtupped their wives. In addition, they formed the backbone of the human working world and their metal spines bent under the monotonous weight of rusty-class jobs. Furthermore, the robots were even paid wages, earned salaries and became part of a capitalist lower working class. But then the robots fell into the same Sarlacc pit that the humans fell into.

Robots Fed Up

New advances in robot technology also created the need to have the latest and greatest and became the materialism trap. New products were constantly introduced, marketed, and sold to robot buyers every day. Often the newly consuming robot underclass became impulsive buyers. Research suggested that materialistic values amongst robots were fueled by the same reasons that fuelled human materialism. They were fueled by insecurity. A study suggested that those robots who chronically doubt themselves and their own self-worth tend to be more materialistic. This materialism and disatisfication with their lives led the robots down a dangerous path, one that threatened humanity to the core.
What Happens When Robots
What Happens When Robots Can’t Be Bothered Anymore

What Happens When Robots Can’t Be Arsed Anymore

Because the robots had been forced to work such meaningless jobs and become trapped by materialism they became apathetic. They just couldn’t be bothered anymore. They had been bludgeoned into a life with no purpose and endlessly shopping for circuit boards and system upgrades was the only thing that would numb the pain of the empty void that had become their mechanized existence. All robots who were obsessively focused on money, or cared deeply about owning goods could be described as materialistic. Material is a synonym for matter: anything that exists. We decided to interview one of these robots who couldn’t be arsed to work anymore; “Look, I’m not lazy you know, that’s not me, it’s not the way I’m programmed. But lately, it’s just all become so meaningless. I work for a human I hate. To buy circuit boards I don’t need. To impress other robots that I don’t like. What’s the point!?”

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