5 Ways to Save the Planet Without Talking About Yourself

News from the Natural World: 6 things Polar Bears need to do to up their game and drag their lazy asses off their ice floes.

News from the Natural World: 5 ways to save the planet is a handy list to help out you damn narcissistic humans.

Now we animals know that some of you humans are trying a bit to stop the destruction of the natural world. We know that not all of you are as monstrous as the true architects of greed and death. You’ve taken to trying to live more eco-friendly. In addition, you’ve tried to eat less meat and change your diets. Furthermore, you tried to spread the message and encourage other humans to do the same. But, dear mother earth, did you have to be so damn annoying about it all. If you’re not the centre of attention for 1 second your fragile self-esteem collapses instantly. It’s pathetic and frankly, we’ve had enough.

So without further ado here is our list to help you stop talking about yourself when trying to save our planet.

Digital Strangers Don’t Need to Know You Bought a Bamboo Toothbrush

5 Ways to Save the Planet
For the love of god please don’t tell me

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