Lion Achieves Sentience then Commits Suicide After Realising How Many Gazelles it Ate Alive

News from the Natural World: Lion achieves sentience and things don't quite go according to plan

The next morning she woke with an incredibly sore head. She couldn’t remember what had happened. For a second she vaguely remembered feeling guilt and shame for eating Gazelle. Could that be true? No certainly not, that was her favourite hobby. With that, she set off into the morning sun to catch herself a little baby Gazelle. Lilly’s guilt and shame had gone. It was clear that the origins of shame and guilt that humans have evolved only happened because they brutally dominated their environment and exploited the natural world. Guilt and shame for one’s actions were a luxury when a species had shattered the endless wheel of survival and broken it on the backs of the species and earth that they had exploited. No other animals could feel this luxury because for them it would mean death. Lilly was no different.

A Great White Shark who felt guilty for eating a Fur Seal, ridiculous. An Orca feeling guilty for gobbling a Penguin, nonsense. A human who felt guilty for eating a pig, well maybe they didn’t quite need to wrap it in so many blankets.


Lion Achieves Sentience
Lion Achieves Sentience And Wouldn’t Eat This Chap Anymore

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