The Sun Will Explode in a Billion Years So It’s Not Really Renewable – 5 Things Overhead at Climate Conference

News from the Natural World: Who needs a breathable atmosphere anyway?

News from the Natural World: The sun will explode in a billion years and 5 other things overheard at climate conference.

Climate Conferences are a funny thing in the human world. Humans tend to hold them when confronted with a massive challenge. Say climate change, deforestation, overfishing or plastic pollution. Big whopping planet level threats. Confronted with said threats humans decide that flying in a load of first worlders on private jets to a vapid conference centre will do the trick. Secondly, it seems that the most common attendee of these climate conferences is actually fossil fuel lobbyists. Yep, they overwhelming make up the biggest proportion of guests. A bit like sending a T-Rex to a Vegan Festival really.

So here at The Platypus, we decided to attend one of the climate conferences to understand just what the hell were humans up to. So here are five things that we overheard at a climate conference.

Who Needs A Breathable Atmosphere Anyway?

This one took us by surprise, overhead at the bar by one of our reporters. It came from the lips of a rather sleazy looking exec, typical quiff coifed with oil.

The Sun Will Explode in a Billion Years
Suck up that smog

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