Polar Bear & Millenial Go Head to Head In ‘Battle of the Most Difficult Dinners’

News from the Natural World: Why Insects Are Superior to Humans - Colin the Cockroach uncovers why insects have it all when it comes to life on earth.

News from the Natural World: Polar Bear & Millenial answers the question you’ve all been waiting for. Who has it more difficult when it comes to getting dinner.

In this battle for the ages, an entitled millennial goes head to head with a polar bear to find out who has the most difficult task when it comes to securing dinner. Find out who will win as we go head to head.

Death By A Million Choices

Human – ‘Look I know I don’t have to hunt but I have to choose and it’s bloody hard! Which app do I use, maybe Just Eat or Deliveroo or Uber Eats? There are just so many choices you know. It’s almost impossible, do I go Italian, Chinese, Indian? Maybe try Nepalese or Colombian? Perhaps just a solid burger option or a spot of Japanese? I just can’t choose!!!’

Polar Bear
Choose you pitiful human!

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