Polar Bear & Millenial Go Head to Head In ‘Battle of the Most Difficult Dinners’

News from the Natural World: Why Insects Are Superior to Humans - Colin the Cockroach uncovers why insects have it all when it comes to life on earth.

It’s a Bit Too Cold

Human – ‘Yep, at least you can be proactive, hunting sounds easier than waiting. I just have to wait for it to be delivered right to my door. Then the worst bit of all, the true horror. Sometimes it’s a bit cold. Like not cold but not really warm. It’s a real pain. I have to whack it in the oven for 10 minutes which just means I am even more hungry.’

Polar Bear – ‘Well I live in the Arctic and haven’t discovered the use of fire so I will take your word for it on the heat thing. I guess that sounds tough, I mean I just eat mine raw on frozen ice but ‘a bit cold does sound tough’.

Human – ‘It’s a nightmare, I think you’ve got it way easier. No choice, just seals. No waiting, nice proactive hunting. And you don’t have to worry about the heat because you don’t even know what hot food tastes like. I’ve got it way harder than you. I think you’re a bit lazy, to be honest.’

Polar Bear
Too cold!

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