6 Reasons Why Humanity is Hysterically Scared of Nature On Nearly All Levels

News from the Natural World: Humanity is hysterically scared of nature on nearly all levels, this fact is self-evident. But we animals are a bit unsure as to why?

News from the Natural World: 6 reasons why humanity is hysterically scared of nature on nearly all levels.

So far the great war of Humans vs Spiders stands at 11 deaths per year for humans and 17.4 billion deaths per year for spiders. In addition, the almost equally vicious 100-year war between Sharks and Humans has similarly one-sided numbers. Firstly, 100 million sharks are killed by humans every year whilst sharks takedown less than 10 humans a year. Secondly, if these were human on human conflicts they wouldn’t be classed as wars they’d be called exterminations.

So why are humans so terrified of nature? We’ve seen humans scream at the sight of a Slug, and also Beetle. We’ve even seen some terrified of the humble Wood Lice! Finally, we set out to interview some humans to find out why they’re so terrified of nature.

You Have Heard of a Bobbit Worm Right?

Okay, humans, we’ll give you that one…

6 Reasons Why Humanity
Satan incarnate!

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