Flies Are Meant to Eat Shit and 5 More Things Humans Fail to Accept About Animals

News from the Natural World: Which Animal Started the Pandemic? It's the question you've all been waiting for, we finally answer it in this week's Crimewatch article.

News from the Natural World: Flies are meant to eat shit, it’s one of the animals kingdoms most accepted surety. We explore 5 things humans fail to accept…

Humans have long failed to accept many realities of sharing the planet with other species of animals. As much as humans would love to live on hermetically sealed sofas with conveyors belts of meaningless consumer content and fast food funnelled into their mouths. They can’t and have to live on the planet with other animals with different characteristics. So we thought we’d compile a list of some things which humans fail to accept about other animals.

Skunks Are Meant to Smell

You really can’t blame them, those anal glands took hundreds of thousands of years to evolve such a pungent aroma. Not their fault if they use them once in a while. Plus we’ve smelt obese humans after a vindaloo and a ten pack of fosters and there’s not much in it.

Flies Are Meant to Eat Shit
Also meant to smell

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