Do Chimpanzees Go To Heaven? ‘If There Are Any Humans There, We F*cking Hope Not!’

News from the Natural World: Do Chimpanzees go to heaven?

News from the Natural World: Do Chimpanzees go to heaven?

It’s a question that has long plagued the human world. Chimps are extremely human-like, in genetic terms, they are about 99% the same as humans. Give them a shave and whilst being far better looking you can see the resemblance. In addition, almost without a doubt, they are intelligent, caring, feeling animals. They are self-aware, meaning that they have and can also recognize an individual identity. Furthermore, they cooperate with each other to serve a common goal, and they experience complicated emotions like grief.

So over the years, humans have wondered whether perhaps do Chimpanzees go to heaven? If not, where else might they go? Here at the Platypus, we like to get all viewpoints so we decided to ask a Chimpanzee. Enter Claudia the Chimp.

You Think We Want to Go to Heaven? How Cute!

‘Do you really think I want to go to Heaven? With a load of crummy humans, ha, you’re taking the baboon! Let me give you a few reasons why!’

Do Chimpanzees go to heaven?
Not interested in heaven

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