Bird Brain Slur Causes Upsquawk In the Bird Community

News from the Natural World: Bird Brain slur causes a huge squawk of discontent in the avian world.

Slur Causes Upsquawk In the Bird Community

But our ultimate talent, of course, is our ability to FLY, whilst humans dream of being Superman. Our strong, lightweight skeleton and complex feather arrangements along our bodies and wings allow us to become masters of the skies. We rise up in thermals, albatrosses appear to glide forever and peregrine falcons can stoop at speeds in excess of 200mph! But why do you treat us so badly? Why do you call us bird brain? Not only do you destroy our habitats, replacing woodland with your monstrous monocultures of cereals, soy and palm oil, you actually hunt us. Scottish grouse live in fear of August 12th and when we migrate between Europe and Africa, you like to blast us out of the sky as we cross the Mediterranean Sea. The elephant bird, great auk, moa and dodo are examples of our species you have exterminated. Don’t get me started on poultry farming. Would you like to spend your whole life caged in solitary confinement? And eggs contain our young! You are abusing and destroying life on Earth. So who really has got the tiny brain?!! TAKE ACTION – NOW
Bird Brain
Much smarter than your average human teenager
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