What Happens When You Kill a Human? Animals’ Biggest Question Finally Answered

News from the Natural World: What happens when you kill a human? Long has this question been on the lips, beaks and snouts of many an animal, we dive in to uncover the truth.

You Hit A Sensitive G-Spot of Violence

But when an animal kills a human the story is different. Whilst there might be a sprinkling of denial there is more likely an outpouring of violence. In fact, for the last few thousand years, humans have been exterminating nearly all animals that can kill humans and locking them up in Zoos. They combine the Zoos with eradication from the wild and this is a nice effective way of thwarting death by animals. On top of that, they will go on mad killing sprees. For instance, on the rare occasion that a shark has killed a human, the humans will go out and slaughter hundreds of innocent sharks.

What Happens When You Kill a Human?

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