Do Pets Go To Heaven? Asks Wolf Considering Self Domestication

News from the Natural World: Do Pets go to heaven? Wally the Wolf considers self-domestication as he ponders the afterlife.

Why Does Mother Earth Tolerate The Human Taint of Pets?

Mother Earth tolerates pets assocation with humans because it is actually part of a desperate plan to save the natural world. She has been silently encouraging animals of all species to self domesticate as it is the only way to escape the 6th extinction wrought by the homosapien plague. Like some kind of mad multi year noahs ark she knows that she must ensure the survival of all species of animals on earth. The only way to do that is to get them to ingratiate them with humans and domesticate themselves. For humans struggle to kill that which they find cute.

Do Pets Go To Heaven?
Heaven is a cat

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