Dog on Vegan Diet Asks If It Can Still Eat Fox Shit in the Park as a Treat?

News from the Natural World: Dog on vegan diet asks the question that has been on every Canine's lips.

News from the Natural World: Dog on vegan diet asks the question that has been on every Canine’s lips.

Dogs have long been omnivores. A balanced omnivore diet involves a mix of meat and plant foods. Omnivores consume a mix of both meat and plants to meet their daily nutritional needs. But this hypothesis is being tested to the limit as humans begin to feel guilty about their growth and expansion. It seems that along the way to dominating the animal kingdom they might have committed a few crimes against nature. Lately, this has morphed into a frenzied debate around the diet of Dogs.

Humans have begun to question the ‘omni’ part of their diet. They are asking questions such as can Dogs survive on a vegan diet? How long can a Dog survive on a vegan diet? Is it cruel to have a vegan Dog? These are questions that are setting the human world of Twitter on fire. Technically yes, Dogs can survive on both a vegan or vegetarian diet. But that would require a sensible and intelligent human capable of learning and common sense. Most Dogs don’t have that luxury. Most humans are bad enough with their own diets let alone controlling a balanced one for their Dog. But what of the Dogs themselves? What are their chief concerns about going on a vegan diet?

Dog on Vegan Diet

We decided to do what no human news outlet has thought to do so far. Actually, ask a Dog. So we asked a Dog what its chief concerns were regarding going on a vegan diet.

Can I Still Eat Fox Shit in the Park?

“Look I don’t do it all the time. Honest. But every now and then a bix of Fox shit is the perfect breakfast. And I mean it’s not like it’s meat right, it’s not like I’m asking to eat a bit of a Fox. I just want to eat its poo. I mean I get that it’s an animal product but it’s not like I’m killing anything. How do Vegans fertilise their vegetables if they don’t use manure?”

Dog on Vegan Diet
Surely still fine?

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