Dog on Vegan Diet Asks If It Can Still Eat Fox Shit in the Park as a Treat?

News from the Natural World: Dog on vegan diet asks the question that has been on every Canine's lips.

When They Get Drunk and Cook Steak Can I Still Beg for Scraps?

“Come on, I’ve seen humans when they’re drunk. They do all kinds of stupid stuff, they photocopy their arses and lose their keys. You’re telling me that Vegans don’t get drunk and start acting all rebellious by tucking into a few chicken wings. Those bright lights of kebab shops are like crack to a drunk human. Even if they make it past them, they’ve got the Tesco Express to contend with on the way home, the lure of a sizzling steak. It’s just too much to resist. All the Dogs in the park talk about it. Their humans are vegan in public and behind closed doors, they’re tucking into steaks.”

Dog on Vegan Diet swears drunk human eats steaks

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