Dog on Vegan Diet Asks If It Can Still Eat Fox Shit in the Park as a Treat?

News from the Natural World: Dog on vegan diet asks the question that has been on every Canine's lips.

Can’t My Human Just Shop and Fly a Bit Less?

“Look I hear you, we know about the sixth extinction and climate change as well. Why the hell do you think we self-domesticated ourselves. We saw this shit coming from a long way off and got the hell out of the natural world. I know we all have to do our bit. But it’s not like my human is. Yes, they want to put me on a vegan diet and they think that is cutting down on the negative impact on the natural world. But they are still flying shit loads, going on holiday and shopping on Amazon all the time. They want the latest TV, Alexa and Garmin. Can’t they just shop a bit less and let me have a steak?”

Dog on Vegan Diet
Anything but the vege!

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