90% of Dogs Pretend to Like Humans To Make Self Domestication Bearable 

News from the Natural World: 90% of Dogs pretend to like humans and it's all part of an elaborate plan.

Keep Your Friends Close But Your Enemies Closer

“Like I said it was a controversial decision. But the way we saw it, it was our only option and if you can’t beat them join them. We knew the humans were evil, we knew they were murderers who would stop at nothing until their God manifested itself as a shiny new dollar bill. It was our only choice. Self-domestication alongside the humans or face oblivion. I mean just look what’s happened to wild Dogs. Wolves’ numbers have plummeted, and in addition, Painted Wolves are doing even worse. It’s carnage for canines. We know we did the right thing, we had to pretend to like humans, we had no choice.”

90% of Dogs
Faking it

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