90% of Dogs Pretend to Like Humans To Make Self Domestication Bearable 

News from the Natural World: 90% of Dogs pretend to like humans and it's all part of an elaborate plan.

Nothing Beats the Smell of Cooked Meat in the Morning

“Whilst the Dog party line is that we definitely self-domesticated ourselves there are conspiracies in the dog world that challenge that. In fact, they’re quite prevalent and there have been ongoing conspiracy theories for all of Dog’s existence. These conspiracy theories also suggest that it wasn’t entirely the Dogs choice. They argue that the first smell of cooked meat on an open fire was so irresistible that Dogs had no choice in the matter. They were lured into domestication with humans because they simply couldn’t resist the smell of cooked meat.

I mean imagine for your entire existence you’ve eaten raw meat, don’t get me wrong it’s lovely and everything, but can you imagine the first time a Dog snuck a bite of a cooked steak? This faction of conspiracy theorists argues that dogs don’t pretend to like humans but rather it is a subconscious decision to get closer to the chance of getting cooked meat.”

90% of Dogs
Still faking it

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