90% of Dogs Pretend to Like Humans To Make Self Domestication Bearable 

News from the Natural World: 90% of Dogs pretend to like humans and it's all part of an elaborate plan.

The Traitors of the 10%

“Also, it’s important that whilst 90% of Dogs pretend to like humans there are 10% who don’t. This 10% is well known in the Dog world. They are despised and ridiculed by the rest of our society, as outcasts and vagrants. They argue that not all humans are bad and that some humans treat them so well that they have undone the pain of centuries worth of the destruction of the animal kingdom. These Dogs say that they receive treats, they have their own beds, and Instagram accounts and are often called ‘good boy’. They argue that humans have treated them as equals and have welcomed them into their families. But this is only a small portion of dogs who live in the first world. They have what is called ‘middle class’ humans as owners.”

90% of Dogs
Definitely faking it

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