Conservation Jobs

Conservation Jobs are difficult to find. But if you’re one of the good humans and want to help your animal friends out then you’ve come to the right place. Here at The Platypus we love and support all humans who want to try to save the natural world and fight for us animals. Or alternatively, if you’re just feeling incredibly guilty about being a homo sapien after reading some of our articles then that’s fine too.

Working in conservation is one of the main ways that you can help your fellow animals out. The more humans with conservation jobs the better. Becoming ecologically aware is the first step towards being a selfish and greedy Homosapien. But don’t worry it’s not your fault. It’s in your genes. You’ve been programmed to quest for more and more at the expense of all other species of animals and the natural world. But now is your chance to turn away from that path. To finally walk your own journey and swim against the current. Sacking off the lovely security and high wages of the corporate world is the best decision you’ll ever make!

So take the first step and consider working in conservation. We’ve been working the awesome Conservation Careers to bring together a list of conservation hobs that you can peruse.

Check out some human careers where you can finally make a difference and dedicate yourself to fighting or nature and the animals that you share the planet with.

Conservation Jobs
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