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We always look to help the human race hear the true Voice of Nature. So we are constantly looking for new animal writers to join the cause and come write for us. We use humour, comedy, satire, spoof and parody to try and make people see the natural world in a new light. But we need to ensure that we are listening to the voices of animals all over the world and hearing their stories.

As such we are looking to welcome new writers to the team and are always happy to take submissions. We are keen to have voices from all over the globe share their satirical take on events affecting the natural world. We want you to come and write for us and share your perspective. We’re trying to stick between 300-500 words and deliver the satirical gut punch as incisively as possible. We’d love to see your take on a first article. Why not check out one of our articles as an example – here Or get some inspiration from a satirical genius – here

Also, all of our writers become part of the team on our ‘Meet the Team’ page. We also nominate a chosen conservation or animal charity and link to it for you. It’s your chance to speak out for the environmental causes that matter to you. Oh and you also get to take the p*ss of out asshole humans in positions of power.

Please get in touch and tell us about your writing experience and ideas. We’d love to see what you can do and whether you’d like to write for us. Please contact – duckbill@theplatypusnews.com

Thank you and good day.

Write for us
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